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Chromatic Harmonica 101 Jazzschool

This page is for students of the Chromatic Harmonica 101 class at the Jazzschool in Berkeley.

Here's an early clip (1964) of Stevie Wonder
using a C blues scale on a C chromatic harmonica.
The tune is Fingertips but the tempo is slower (and the groove stronger)
than on the recording you usually hear:

Stevie Wonder - Fingertips (slow groove)

Here's Toots Thielemans in about 1969 with singer Peggy Lee.
Instead of Toots playing fills around Peggy's vocals, they reverse roles.
Toots plays the melody and Peggy "interprets."
Some great playing, and lots of fun with two high-level pros taking risks on live television.

Toots and Peggy Lee - Makin' Whoopee

Larry Adler was not a jazz musician, but he had a
unique way with the chromatic harmonica and
was a huge influence on everyone who followed.
Plus he had a very dramatic way of using his hands,
as shown in this clip from 1937.

Larry Adler - St. Louis Blues/Stardust

Tommy Reilly was one of the masters of classical harmonica.
Here he plays a light classical piece called "Spanish Dance,"
accompanied by stringed harp played by Skaila Kanga,
with whom he made several fine recordings.

Tommy Reilly - Spanish Dance